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I am a native-born Texan who was raised in a conservative Republican household in the decades just before the Republican Party became viable in Texas. My father was an Episcopal priest, so I was also raised with a religious background. As I grew up, my political perspectives changed. In 1980, as I was preparing himself for voting in my first Presidential election, I saw Ed Clark, the first Libertarian candidate for President who was on the ballot in all 50 states, speak at Texas A&M University. To this day, I still describes my political stance as being an "Ed Clark Libertarian", as well as an "intellectual, independent anti-authoritarian Texan".

My passion is studying government, politics and The Constitution from an historical analysis perspective and then imagining how government can be changed to better serve its people. I also believe that government should serve all of its people rather than just corporations and the wealthy. My personal motto is "Truth, Justice, and Honor... But Above All Honor" because you can have truth without justice or honor, you can have justice without truth or honor, but you cannot have honor without truth and justice". I have been described as "freakishly introspective and analytical".

My great loves are books, movies and LONG discussions on movies, ideas, personal philosophy, and politics with a friend, a nice drink and a good cigar. I also believes that there is nothing so sacred or controversial that it cannot be questioned and / or laughed at. I currently lives on my family's land in deep East Texas, but never ask to visit my there because I a, kind of a slob. ;)

I have a B.A. and an M.S. from Western Illinois University and have taken Doctoral courses at the University of North Texas. Other than taking lots of history courses at the Bachelor level, none of my degree work has been in anything that I write about today.

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